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Personal November 19th, 2007

Today reminded me of the first day going to STC – not being able to sleep the previous night, waking up very blur in the morning, getting dressed up and ready for work on the first day and not knowing what to expect. All these seemed to familiar. Not to mention having butterflies in the tummy and not being able to even eat 1/2 your breakfast.

Well, all’s so familiar except that I am not going to STC. Today’s my first day at NYP – where a whole beginning starts. I am supposed to report to the student’s office, but I guess I’m a tad too early. So, what’s the next best thing to do? Blog. =P It’s an occupational hazard – if blogging is considered an occupation in the first place.

The trip to the nearest convenient MRT station turned out to be faster than expected – a mere 10 minutes bus ride, but that’s considering that it is holiday period now and that the bus came rather quickly (not that it had anything to do with the duration of the trip but it does make the wait seem shorter).

The train came rather just 2 minutes after I alighted from the bus, and I eventually reach YCK Station in just about 13 minutes. Couple this with a brisk walk of about 10 minutes, I reached the school building. So the entire journey took me about 10+13+10 = 33 minutes of travelling time excluding bus and train waiting times, which added together should be about an hour.

Oops. I gotta go now.

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