I’m not quite sure what kind of chaos my previous entry generated, but I suspected that the blogger of http://www.leuchtturm3.blogspot.com/ could have been badly flamed, judging from his last entry:

Dear Fellow Bloggers,
I am surprised that my blog has seen harsh and four letter word comments from some bloggers. And the problem is that I don’t really know which part of my blog has resulted in these comments. If any of you think that my blog is offending , please be specific in your comments on parts which you think is offending. Please do not use four letter words in the comment section as my younger sibling, who is 11 years old, also visits my blog and these words are not appropriate for her.

By the way, I have to admit that I do not know well the region where Singapore and Malaysia are located. Maybe some of the bloggers would want to educate me a little of the region and its people. I am always thrilled to meet new friends from all parts of the world and to learn their culture and history. Maybe someday when I have enough money, I can visit Singapore and Malaysia.

I would appreciate positive, constructive and civil comments from all of you out there.


Really, the only thing questionable were:

  • the first post of just a picture of Pedra Branca
  • the now not so recent post of “Pulau Batu Puteh Lighthouse”
  • plagiarism from wikipedia (which really isn’t so bad… yet)
  • changing the name from Cape May Lighthouse to Pulau Batu Puteh but forgetting to change the hyperlink (that’s how I knew it was Cape May Lighthouse)
  • the timing of the blog, which started just before the court hearing

Actually, it could all jolly well be a coincidence. It could be… bad timing. The blogger could jolly well be an innocent party in this entire event; which reminded me of this Just-for-Laughs snippet where the cashier (one of the actors) took out the cash till and handed over to an unsuspecting customer and when the latter turns around, there was a policeman (an actor too) and when the customer turns around to face the cashier, the cashier’s hands were raised as if he was being robbed.

So the blogger (Leuchtturm3) could jolly well be the customer, the policeman could be the courts and the cashier… erm… better not say.

However, if the blogger’s sister really read the comments, then I would really feel bad. Nonetheless, despite all these “harsh and four letter word comments from some bloggers”, I am quite surprised at his composure. I think this is something that I should learn from him.

By the way, have you seen:

Hmm… come to think of it, how many people knows that Pedra Branca is also known as Pulau Batu Puteh? Or am I a frog in a well?

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