Back to office

Personal November 23rd, 2007

Went back to “office” again today in the evening and was greeted with a new face behind the counter.

“This is Jason, our new partner”, said a familiar face.

Apparently, Jason just joined Starbucks and is getting familiar with the environment. I placed my usual order of Tazo Chai Tea Latte, more foam, less milk, 4 pumps of Chai, which will probably get him confused should I order from him one day without his mentor around. Soon after, another staff presented a cup of warm water to me and that apparently got him confused.

“Why did they give her a cup of warm water?”, Jason asked his mentor, and she told him that I was their regular customer. Haha… apparently the entire usual team is behind the counter today and almost all recognised me.

Oh well, I guess I am all too comfortable being in a place where everyone knows me. I wonder how it’d be like if they were to change the entire crew one fine day. Hmm…

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