I just saw the music video at http://www.mda.gov.sg/wms.www/video.htm. Hmm… I don’t quite know what to make of it, but can someone tell me what was the MV all about?

I have made some observations though, that:

  • It was generally a good effort
  • People who were in the MV didn’t quite know how to rap (but that’s ok)
  • There was at least one person who looked like he/she was forced to do the "yo-yo-check-it-out" sign
  • It was one brave guy who donned the red underwear cape

I’m not sure what to make of it. Really. I’m in… shock!!! *gasp*

Update: So it’s in the news after all! =P

YES, yes, y’all, they don’t stop!

The top brass in the Media Development Authority (MDA) have pulled in 20,000 views on the video-sharing website YouTube in just two days.

It is a feat few local acts manage. A video of opposition leader Chiam See Tong during the last General Election – considered well watched – has been viewed only about 11,000 times.

The MDA video, classified under ‘comedy’ on YouTube, features the agency’s senior people jabbing their fingers in the air and rapping about a vibrant Singapore.

It was produced to showcase the agency’s work on the media scene.

The brainchild of MDA communications director Cassandra Tay, the four-minute clip was first shown at a staff conference in April.

It was also screened at the reception areas of offices and to new staff.

The rap video was so well received that it was later sent to those in the industry in a memory drive together with the agency’s annual report.

A version was also put on its website.

The public cottoned on after newspaper reports this week and so far, at least six copies of the video have been put up on YouTube.

Article obtained from straitstimes.com on 23rd November 2007

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