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Special November 24th, 2007

I’m really didn’t expect that I have to write this post, or rather, I didn’t expect that I’d have the courage to write this post basically because I am afraid of one thing. Fear. The fear of being rejected outright. I thought it’s going to be easy, but it really turned out to be really difficult.

Isn’t it that it’d be easier for me to find a girl then to find a guy? However, I think I am totally wrong now. I’d thought that amongst all of my friends, at least one would be the one whom I’d be looking; the one whom I’d want; the one whom…


I feel really helpless now. I don’t know why I’m in this hopeless situation. It seems like my mind is completely blank now – in a state where I am almost totally lost for words. I have always dreamt of being able to find a girl, someone whom I can make her smile, someone whom I can make her eyes dazzle in front of the camera… someone who would be able to come down for the filming at library@orchard.

Yes, I am short of a girl to complete the music video for the closing of the library@orchard. If you are a girl (doesn’t matter how old or whether you are working or studying or bumming like me), and don’t mind lending me 1 hour or so of your time, do drop me an email in the contact page here with your number so that I can get back to you? The filming will probably be on Sunday, 25th November 2007.

If you can; if anyone can, please help? I’d really be thankful. =)

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