Hmm… at first, it seemed like the owner removed the entries and comments. Now, it seemed like he removed all the comments and reinstated the “Why the anger?” entry. Perhaps he was advised not to pull down the entry because it would seem to be an admission of guilt.

leuchtturm comments missing

Actually, I have not received any emails from him. Why should I? You might ask. The reason is simple. By now, he’d have found out that most of his traffic came from my blog, the straits times, or the malaysian blogs (amongst other places). However, someone already pointed out my blog to him in his comments, so the owner should know that all the big brouhaha originated from this blog.

Now, if I were him and if I were really wronged, guess what I’d do? I’d email the originated and threaten to sue him till his pants drop! That is, of course, if I am wronged. Then again, the blog owner may not want to get into a lot of legal problems – but how about emailing the originator and clarifying the matter?

Nope. No such emails either. Sigh. Hey, it’s not that I am not being open. I’m still waiting for his email to tell me that I’ve wronged him.


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