Smoot (or HairyDonut) loves comfort cabs because they (or the drivers) bring out the emotions in her. Hatred, that is. You know what she should do? She should just call LTA and give them the driver’s numbers, since the Comfort operator doesn’t know what to do.

Frankly, I don’t know what’s wrong with these drivers. If it is really so hard for them to make a living from driving cabs, then perhaps they should consider other jobs? I may not fully understand their predicament, but to resort to such methods… is not right. Again.

And of course, the cab companies don’t really care, do they?

Ever since last Monday, I have been really really looking forward to being able to get taxis with greater ease. Or at least being able to call taxi with greater ease.
Unfortunately, I believe the regulations have simply pushed taxi drivers into a higher level of innovation. I understand the basic concept of creativity within our respective fields of expertise, but this is getting ridiculous.

Last Saturday at noon, a group of various assorted strangers stood at the side of Bayshore Road trying to flag taxis. They stood, they flagged, they watched as SH8201U (? I was so angry my memory may have blanked out) sped past with nary a passenger within and the ‘available’ light beaming brightly.

The same group stared blankly at SHA6557X which was parked barely 10 metres away with its red ‘Hired’ sign on. It was parked. It was empty. But it was ‘Hired’. There it sat for 10 minutes whilst we stood and perspired and tried our best to get a goddamn taxi.

Finally, I called 6552 1111. Just as I got an automated message that taxi no. SHA6557X. would be coming to pick me up in 5 minutes, that same taxi that I had been sitting empty in front of me for the past 10 minutes whilst I carried my son flashed the on-call sign, drove up and picked me up.

I called 6552 1111 through a red haze of rage to tell them about this. “What would you like me to do” said the operator, sounding perplexed. “I would like you to take down the numbers” said me in red rage. “Ok. I will do that.” she said, calmly, vaguely, like this actually mattered at all.

Article obtained from on 27th November 2007

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