After consolidating all the various reasons that are conjured or from first hand accounts, Simply Jean presents to you… the top 10 reasons on why that taxi driver seemed to just zoom pass you, or is HIRED with no passengers, or is simply just sitting in the comfort of his cab (pun unintended) having a sparring session with your eyes as you wait in the coldness of the rain waiting for a cab in the queue.

Disclaimer: These accounts may be fictitious or conjured and may not represent the views of the entire fleet of taxi drivers.

On why taxis seem to disappear during peak hour in CBD
I’m outside CBD wat… if I go in, then who pay for ERP?

On why taxis are not picking up people from heartlands
No lah, if I go to town, then I can earn surcharge mah (Ed: so who pays the ERP?)

On why taxis seem to disappear on rainy days
Outside raining so badly, can’t find people and bad traffic… might as well enjoy my cup of hot kopi while waiting for people to call for taxi. Like that then can earn surcharge mah!

On why taxis are everywhere but not at the taxi stand
Like that then can earn surcharge mah… they wait, I wait lor. They call then I pick them up lor. Why pick them up when I can earn a few dollars more when they give up and call? Eh? Rhymes hor?

On why taxis seem to disappear before midnight
Aiyah, this kind of question who will ask one? Of course to earn midnight charge lah. 50% more, ok?

On why taxis tout for customers
Eh? You can’t see ah? Mercedes ok? Mercedes means higher rental, then of course must charge higher mah? People don’t know… they will pay more

On why taxis seem to disappear after 9:30am
Aiyah, those people so kiam siap (stingy), they don’t want to pay peak hour surcharge, then ok lor. After driving one whole morning, I also need rest mah. Of course go drink kopi

On why taxis seem to disappear before 5:00pm
Change shift mah… no lah… actually we are waiting for the evening peak hour surcharge

On why taxis don’t want to pick passengers up even when they are in a taxi stand
Eh, I tell you. You know where she want to go or not? Just a few blocks away. Siao ah, I queue here just to take her to a few blocks away? Waste me time only… so ask her to take the taxi behind lor

On why taxis don’t want to pick up passengers along the road
Just now that one ah? Don’t want lah. I want to pick someone who is going town, then I no need to pay ERP, then can get CBD surcharge from people taking my taxi inside CBD. Maybe lucky, can earn peak hour also. Like that then tan tio (hit jackpot)!

PS: Guess the theme of these reasons

PPS: Do feel free to add more to it

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