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Personal November 29th, 2007

Hehe.. heading to Sitex now. I quite dread going for shows that are all the way to the east in that… it favours only to the Easterners (while some may prefer it, for various other reasons); and it’s so far (I am a Westerner now).

Target for this show would be the Nikon D40/D40x, depending on which will burn less of my pocket, and which is better. I am hoping for the D40x to be sub-1000, although I am quite sure that that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. So, if I have to get a D40, then it’d better be really cheap or be filled with freebies. Greedy? Not really, because if it’s the same price, I can get it any other day.

The next thing on the list is a decent Nokia handphone that can store more than 500 contacts. For some weird reasons, none of the Nokia phones that I have used can store more than 500 contacts. Alright, for the record, I have about 758 contacts now… and still counting. Do I keep in touch with all of them? Well… most of them, I’d say.

Yup. That’s all for now. I had been contemplating about getting a replacement colour laser, but since the prices had been quite stagnant since 2 years ago, I think I’d just wait out. I might get a decently fast monochrome laser though. For this, I prefer HP LaserJets. The reason being HP provides a full toner while most others provide half-filled toners, commonly marketed as “starter kits”. Most people do not know what “starter kit” for a laserjet really means, well, for the uninitiated, it means 1/2 fill toners – and they are usually, not always, but usually not cheap to get.

That’s about it for this visit. I have my recorders, monitors, a rather barely decent tablet that crashes everyday, a pretty good digital camera (that could be better, but I’d save up for that another time). All I need to do now is to wait to replace my tablet that crashes everyday. The Fujitsu U1010 seems rather good, but can only last for 85 minutes. Not much use, aye?

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