The only reason why I am blogging about this is because if you google “starhub sitex”, it comes up 2nd on page 1. So, not to disappoint everyone who is searching for it (it might no longer be 2nd after today), I thought I’d just write something about it.

MaxOnline Promotion

Promotion #1

You get a free HP Tablet tx1222AU (yes, the academic one that I am now using) + Robinson vouchers of S$40 + Sure-win prizes when you sign up for MaxOnline’s Ultimate Plan @ S$93.09 per month for a 30-month contract. You may also purchase a 100Mbps-ready cable modem at 50% off @ S$267.50.

Promotion #2

You may also opt for a compaq desktop or add S$299 to upgrade to a notebook if you take the MaxOnline Premium Plan @ S$65.06 per month. This is with a 28 month contract.

Promotion #3

MaxOnline SurfLite (1Mpbs) – S$26.96 per month for a 24 month contract with free cable modem.

Promotion #4

MaxOnline Express (8Mbps) – S$44.94 per month for a 24 month contract with free cable modem.

Promotion #5

MaxMobile Unlimited (7.2Mbps Unlimited) – S$36.38 per month for a 24 month contract with a free mobile broadband modem.

There are additional discounts if you are a Hubber.

Starhub Digital Cable (CableTV)

Promotion #1

Free Samsung 20″ LCD TV Monitor with a 24 month contract and minimum subscription plan of S$44.94 per month -OR- Free Samsung 21″ Ultra Slimfit TV (CRT, not LCD), also with a 24 month contract but the minimum subscription plan is S$34.24.

Promotion #2

Get a Hubstation with an instalment of S$25.41 per month for 12 months with a 24 month contract of a minimum of S$25.68.

There are further discounts to subscribe for STAR movies. Again, if you are a hubber, then you may get additional discounts.

All-in-one Promotion

If you renew all 3 services (Starhub Mobile, Starhub Digital Cable and Starhub MaxOnline) + 1 new service sign-up then you’ll get 1 20″ Samsung LCD TV, 1 Hubstation and 1 handset upgrade every 12 months.

Limited to first 1000 customers who sign up.

Sure-win prizes

There are many sure win prizes ranging from digital cameras, video cameras to MP3 players. Each plan sign up may entitle you to 1 dip. You may enquire for more details there.

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  2. David Chia | December 5th, 2007 at 11:39 am

    I signed up during COMEX in Sep07 for MAXONLINE UTLIMATE and received my free Compaq laptop from Starhub. To my surprise, the laptop has hardware defects like scretches and dents on the surface. I turned to HP customer service since 15 Oct 2007. Followed up on 6 Nov, called HP customer service for update and they said they cannot find the dents and the scratches are norm in other units as well.
    I was furious as HP was trying to deny the defects and they confirmed the dents when they received the laptop from me. Till now 4 Dec, HP customer service cannot resolve the defect and blame on manufacturing factory to look into and could not revert on a firm date to resolve. I called Starhub and the customer service keeps referring me back to HP. I felt cheated as I think Starhub might be giving out defective laptops from HP as promotional items. I remembered on the day when i collected this brand new laptop from Starhub’s destinated collection center, there was another customer complaining the keyboard fell off from his unit. I did not check mine as I was told not to open the unit to inspect. He said “anything is wrong, please refer to HP customer service”. My heart for quality HP product drops to rock bottom zero as of today. please look out for yours and think twice.

  3. Andrew | July 15th, 2008 at 6:31 pm

    seriously i think that not everyone will be hit with this, there could be others. All hardware is the same, depends on luck or so. Now everything is mass production so brandin of products doesnt matter as most brands go to the same supplier, example, hitachi HDD, Sony Batteries, seagate HDD, Samsung panels.

    Alot ppl tell me Dell products are rock bottom shits but at least i think their coverage(warrenty) is extremely good. Im going to collect my HP mini soon. Hope it doesnt turn out bad.

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