There was a technical glitch at the library@orchard closing ceremony when they were loading the tribute to bloggers video and for some reason, I was called up for a short interview on stage. Of course, what I’d have wanted to say was:

Thank you. I’d like to thank the library for giving me this opportunity and thank God for giving me the courage. I’d like to thank my friends who helped out in the casting and production – Alice Edmund and Xinhui who are here, Ridzuan, Tianhong and Yip Leng who are not present today. Thank you all for making this a great moment. This award goes out all to you!

Of course, that didn’t happen and I was made to answer some questions about how nerve-wracking it was to interview people for the first time and how heart-wrenching it was to see people feeling sad and missing the library.

Still, it was quite a good experience – because for the first time in years, I had no less than 6 cameras clicking away in front me me during the interview on stage. Oh well, too bad, no golden globe award for my amateurish video. =P

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