advertlets Do you want to earn a piece of that Advertlets pie? Do you know that you start serving ads the moment you put your code on*? That’s right! No more waiting and wondering if people had been clicking on your ads, and no more waiting for obnoxiously long durations for your blog to be approved for ads because everything is pushed automatically onto your blog the moment you paste the code in.

There are 2 ad formats that I would recommend – the 165×240 ones which you see on the right panel on my blog, and the longer 336×240 rectangular ones that you’d see at the end of an entry. Both can be easily inserted into your blog and you don’t have to bother about it any more. In addition, the ads are so good sometimes that you’d not miss out any fantastic offers that might be in town!

The other good thing about signing up with advertlets is that they have occasional review assignments that you can sign up for an earn instantly. There are no gimmicks because Simply Jean does not support gimmicks. =P So hurry and sign up for it!

If you are new to advertlets, here’s what you can do:

  1. Do to
  2. Click on [Register] on the top right corner
  3. Register for it by filling up your details
  4. You are done for registration
  5. Login to your advertlets account by clicking on [Login]
  6. Then sign in to your account 
  7. Click on [blogs] in the menu
  8. You would see the follow "Get codes" screen
  9. But what you might be interested in is the side ads (165×240) and 336×280 ads shown below

That’s it! You are done! All you need to do now is to copy the code and put it in your blog template! That’s it!

Now, you are ready to earn your first dollar passively! Heh heh…

* subjected to a minimum of 20 visitors today – which is really easy 😉

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