Well, to a certain extent, yes. I’m almost ready to talk about it now. For the uninitiated, I decided on a hair cut yesterday and the deed was done yesterday evening. The rationale behind the hair cut was because I wanted a new look. However, like most previous experiences, I got more than what I bargained for.

1 year ago…

I got my hair cut in Kimage Funan by a supposedly senior hairstylist. I didn’t get his name, but he looks rather senior – literally old. Anyway, to cut a long story short, he:

  • burnt my head with hot water
  • left water in my ears
  • left soap behind my ear and on my neck
  • combed my hair so hard that my hair snapped
  • yanked my hair out of my scalp
  • doesn’t give a damn to what he was doing to my hair
  • tried to get people to wash and blow dry my hair

Senior hairstylist? My foot. Anyone knows anybody from Kimage Funan? Maybe they should do something. And oh, this isn’t even the school/academy. It’s the Professional outlet. If this is Professional, I fear for the students under him.

Come to think of it, I should have done the favourite Singapore past time – write in to complain.


Yesterday morning, I decided to search on the Internet for "hairstylist good recommend Singapore" on google.com, and found a forum where someone left a good comment for a hairstylist located in downtown. So I called up the branch and made an appointment for yesterday evening, asking for the hairstylist who was mentioned.

When I finally arrived at the place, I was ushered onto a seat and moments later, the deed was done…

Looking back I am not heartache over the loss of so much hair. For one, it really feels much lighter now. Haha… then again, it’d take another couple of years for everything to grow back again.

I wished I had pictures with me, but they were taken by someone else… so, I’d just have to wait. Coincidentally, the gal got her hair cut as well this morning! Haha… tis’ the season for hair cutting… fwa la la la la, fwa la la la…

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