I didn’t know about the concert until the middle of November, by then, all tickets were sold out! Can you believe it? All sold out!!! Goodness.


Anyway, I was just looking around and saw that there are people still getting their tickets! Apparently, there is some sort of waiting list from Sistic and more people have gotten their tickets. Well, I’ve nothing to say if they are die hard fans of Jay…. but! Look at this!


The tickets are going for $2400 for their buy now price for 2, which is $1200 for 1 ticket! Goodness! Is 1 ticket (originally $198) really worth 6 times its original price?! And that’s not all…


There is apparently a wait list! Haha… oh dear, I never knew that there was a wait list! =S Oh well, I guess it’s a free market after all. She can name any price she wants, but if there are people who are willing to pay that kind of price, well, all I can do is to congratulate her.

It does seem that she was some what interested to go for the concert, but somehow, I can’t help but feel that she was trying to profiteer from it.

Hmm… I am too shocked for words… don’t know what else to say.

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