I saw some charge on my statement which I wasn’t very clear about, so I decided to call the UOB Customer Service – which by now is infamous for their 25 minute wait – anytime of the day.

I wonder who calls them at 4:00am in the morning, not that I do. Anyway, I guess I didn’t have much of a choice. It’s about 1:20am, it should be alright.

1:25am Takes a deep breath and punch numbers… 1800-2222-121. *ring ring* Welcome to UOB Call Centre. For English, press 1, for Chinese, press 2. (Ed: If I can’t understand English, how do I know I have to press 2 for Chinese? Haha… Then again, the Chinese version came shortly) Pressed 1, then 0, then 1 again for banking services… The wait begins…

1:26am Oh boy… I think I am going to hate this… then someone answered the call. Good morning UOB, this is XXX speaking. How may I assist you? Wow! This is fast service! So it’s not as bad as I thought. After getting my accounts cleared, I asked about my cards. Ah… so here’s where the wait begins.

1:28am Still waiting… waiting… why are they not picking up the phone?

1:30am Yawning. Still listening to the music. Ok. Decided to put the phone on speaker mode.

1:31am Eh! 1 minute le. Still not picking up the phone? Who calls at 1:30am?

1:32am I decided to save whatever remaining minutes I have on my mobile plan and hung up. I think I’ll just call them tomorrow morning. Early morning. Damn. Going to waste 1/2 hour of time tomorrow. Shucks!

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