I’m not sure how late my news is, but apparently, M1 broadband has now gone unlimited! That means people can now download all they want, watch youtube all they want, and make as many Skype calls as they want! =)

While this may be good news to most, there is only one thing that I am worried of – reliability. With everyone not caring about how much they can download, everyone will just download at will and this may result in congestion!

This was what I had been getting for the past few weeks – download speeds of 12kbps. Yes, that’s quite pathetic and I had to wait till the cows came home before my gmail starts appearing.

Anyway, as Ridz and Mich were mentioning – it’s only a matter of time that M1 will jump into the unlimited data bundle bandwagon, and the reason they won’t is to provide a service level agreement of a certain download speed. Now that M1 did join in the rat race, it’s likely that the quality of surfing will be affected.

What luck. Wireless@SG is unreliable and now, the other alternative is going to be flooded soon. =(

More information can be found here. Thanks to reader JC for letting me know. 😉

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