More Prima Deli workers have been found to be carriers of the salmonella bacteria, which causes typhoid fever and diarrhoea amongst many other things. This got 109 people then who were poisoned by the tainted cakes, which was later increased to 143.

There are many species within Salmonella and it has nothing to do with salmon or Ella from S.H.E. According to Wikipedia:

Most cases of salmonellosis are caused by food infected with S. enterica, which often infects cattle and poultry, though also other animals such as domestic cats and hamsters have also been shown to be sources of infection to humans. However, investigations of vacuum cleaner bags have shown that households can act as a reservoir of the bacterium; this is more likely if the household has contact with an infection source, for example through members working with cattle or in a veterinary clinic.


Raw chicken and goose eggs can harbor salmonella enterica, initially in the whites of the eggs, although most eggs are not infected. As the egg ages at room temperature, the yolk membrane begins to break down and salmonella enterica can spread into the yolk. Refrigeration and freezing do not kill all the bacteria, but substantially slow or halt their growth. Pasteurizing (briefly heating to a specific temperature) and irradiation are used to kill salmonella for commercially produced foodstuffs containing raw eggs such as ice cream. Foods prepared in the home from raw eggs such as mayonnaises, cakes and cookies can spread salmonella if not properly cooked before consumption.

So the only question left is… how did they become carriers? Is this just the edge of the iceberg? No, I am not trying to create a scare, but seriously, this should be the bigger question that the authorities should ask.

MORE workers involved in making and selling the Prima Deli chocolate cakes which caused the mass food poisoning episode here have tested positive for salmonella.

More tainted ingredients have been uncovered.

And more food poisoning cases have come to light.

As of Thursday, there were 143 food poisoning victims – up from the earlier figure of 109 – including 11 who were hospitalised.

One young patient is still warded.

The Straits Times understands that this was a child who was discharged but readmitted when her symptoms returned.

Investigations by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority and Ministry of Health revealed on Thursday that another four workers from the Prima Deli factory have been found carrying the bug. This brings the total to six affected workers in the Keppel Road factory.

A food handler at one of the 39 bakery franchises has also tested positive for salmonella enteritidis.

Apart from the seven affected workers, another ingredient has been found tainted with the diarrhoea-inducing bacteria.

Chocolate cream was the second contaminated ingredient found, after hazelnut paste was discovered to contain it on Wednesday.

Investigations are still ongoing to identify the source of the outbreak, said the AVA and Health Ministry in a statement on Thursday night.

The authorities reiterated that people should throw away anything they had bought from Prima Deli, and should get immediate medical attention if they showed signs of food poisoning.

Article obtained from on 7th December 2007

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