Well, seriously, part 2 had nothing to do with the PHP User Group, except that we were all heading to somewhere together. Bernard wanted to go to Kinokuniya to get some books because he had some 20% for purchases, while Tianhong originally wanted to go to Borders, but got waylaid by me. =P

So we grabbed a small bite at Sushi Tei, where the sashimi is really good – compared to Sakae Sushi, Ichiban Sushi and the likes. The food might be a little costlier, but I guess when it comes to good food, footing a little more is alright. 😉


There’s this Hokkaido crab promotion that seems to happen every now and then. I’ve not tried it before, but I guess I’d just give it a miss and stick to Singapore’s Chilli Crab, unless I am in Hokkaido itself. Heh. Probably fresher too. 😉


It’s the first time that we were actually given window seats, or rather it’s the first time *I* was given a window seat – not too sure about the rest though. Haha… it’s different, I guess – in that, everyone else walking outside can see you eating, scratch your hair, dig your nose, scratch your inner tights, adjust your pants, unbutton your pants (when you are too full?!) digging your ears, making funny faces… haha…


Here are some more views… and you can see Tianhong seriously surfing some porn doing his tweaking on his blog. Heh heh… I think he managed to get something to work on it.


Food finally arrived and the sashimi looked really good! Heh heh… there’s salmon, yellowtail, tuna and swordfish. Hmm… too bad Alice isn’t a fan of sashimi, so it was left to Tianhong and myself! Haha…


We had some fried salmon skin too, which we thought were overcooked! It seemed like it was double fried! Oh well, it was too hard and too much were sticking to my teeth.

There were probably too much good in the end, but thank goodness we had miccheng to join us to help finish some food. =P


Here’s Alice giving her thumbs up for the food! Mmmmmm… the food smells good! Haha! And here’s Tianhong with his fastest fingers first kungfu chopsticks! Look at that double take!


More of Alice’s don… and Tianhong has his opinion of the food! Haha… thanks for putting up for the camera! =P If you think there were too much onions in Alice’s don, it’s because she asked for more. I think I’d be away from her for the next couple of days. =P


Soon after, miccheng’s food came as well. You see that fuel under that pot, it seemed like they were burning some plastic along with the fuel – and I am not sure if that’s entirely environmentally friendly! Haha…

My snack turned out to be much bigger than I expected. Oh well… in the end, Tianhong didn’t get to go to Borders and ended up with us at Starbucks. Yes, everyone was busy blogging! Haha… that seemed to be the highlight of the evening! And I had had my usual Chai Tea. Somehow, it seemed blender than usual! Oh well…

Haha… oh well, today’s quite a relaxed day. Just hope that I’d be as free as today for all Saturdays… you know? It’s good to take some time off after a week-long of work and study. After all, work and no play makes jean a dull girl =P

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