I was supposed to meet up with the PHP User Group people for brunch in the morning, but I

  • got up late,
  • was tied down with lunch with J’s parents, and
  • couldn’t grab a taxi at all (where in the world are all the cabs?!)

In the end, I got there by almost 2:00pm and lunch was all finished and I was left with not even a drop of water. Oh well, at least I met really nice people!


From top left to bottom right, arzhou, Hendri, miccheng, Neo Neil, Nicole and Tianhong. Yes, all were quite obviously there much earlier than me and had already finished their brunch by the time I went there. And you know what happens when geek conjugate? This.

Haha… all were either happily Battle Station’ing away or doing up their blogs. I mean, what do geeks do when they get together, right? 😉

So, arzhou was busy giving tips to Alice, who was a newbie to Battle Stations, while discussing strategies with Bernard. I wasn’t sure what miccheng was doing on his Mac, but Tianhong didn’t bother to join in the gang on Battle Stations. Instead, he was busy beautifying his new blog. =P

Following which, for some reasons, I got very hungry. arzhou was about to go to Old Chang Kee to get some curry puffs, but was unfortunately closed. So he got 12 pieces of Kaya/Butter bread for the whole gang! Haha… thanks arzhou!

And because he’s so nice, I won’t mention what is wrong with the picture above. =P

Soon after, some left for Microsoft, some while others went on their way. For the few of us remaining, we decide to head off to Kinokuniya/Borders; but that’s part 2. =P

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