Rude angmos. Again.

Personal December 9th, 2007

A friend of mine told me that calling Caucasians "angmo" is derogatory, but in this post, I think the angmo is rude in the first instance. I am not sure if it’s a cultural difference, or do they think that it’s really fine, or do they think that Singapore’s an Asian country and hence they are supreme almighty. Thank goodness it’s a rarity that people like them exists and someone should really knock some sense into them.

Can you see what’s wrong? No? Okie… how about another picture?

Have you noticed anything yet? Still haven’t? Hmm… maybe this isn’t obvious yet, but the following picture should be.

Yes! His feet is on the table! Both of them; and his girlfriend (I suppose) doesn’t even seem to care! Is this a "Western Culture" or is this really alright? I’m not sure, but if I put my legs up onto a table where we put our food as well, I’d get whacked out of my wits.

Then again, maybe there’s nothing to do with culture and someone may just attribute it to bad habits – like how some of us like to shake our legs when seated; but his feet were on a public table where it’d be used by someone else after they leave – without it being cleaned first.

So now, I’d just use tall tables – where I hope that any attempts by any angmo to put their feet on the table will result in them toppling down from their chairs. Another couple just sat at that seat after the angmo couple left, and the girl is happily resting her palms on the table. Sigh…

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