It’s apparently the talk of the town – that Blog2u made a blunder this morning by exposing all our email addresses here! Oh well, I think it’s really an innocent mistake. Moreover… it’s so early in the morning! Heh heh… don’t tell me Paddy is ill-treating his people? 😉

Then again, there’s nothing much I can do now that my email address had been exposed, although it’s quite fun to see what email address others use. Ok, I don’t think it’s funny at all, but like I said, what’s done is done and he apologised.

So what happens next? I could:

  • change my email address
  • make a lot of noise in my blog
  • spam everyone else in the list with my time-sharing schemes and get rich quick ideas

Then again, with regards to my last idea… someone might actually be doing that. Well, at least if I start getting spam, I know who to blame. =)

It does seemed that a lot of people are making blunders nowadays:

  • Nuffnang and their $1.00 surcharge (reminds me taxi)
  • Advertlets and their hidden redirector that made me download malware and I’m spreading it all over the place (and I thought it was youtube!)
  • Blog2u exposing all our email address (it’s spamming time!)

I guess if the PR is good and the mistake/blunder is genuine, I guess I can live and let live. I can’t be expecting a compensation pay-out like that of Mindef’s, can I? 😉

Ed: actually, if there was not so much brouhaha about it, I might not even have noticed =P

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