Marina wrote a post about what happens to our post when we die. I was thinking about that after Reuben Kee – one of the dragonboat paddlers, passed away. It’s sad that it takes a live of a friend of a friend to make me start thinking about it, but I’d think that it’s good that at least people start thinking about it now.

I will probably write a blog will – and not just that; but probably include all my passwords and all and pass it to a closed one. Ya… that means exposing all my deep, deep, dark, dark, deep, dark secrets. Then again, I’m already dead – does it really matter? I don’t think I have a legacy to leave behind – nor do I think any scandals arising from my emails will be detrimental. After all, I’m already gone. Dust to art to dust returnst, was not spoken of the soul.

As to whether I’d want my blog to be maintained, I’m really not so sure. Perhaps I should start making automated backups and getting it sent to my email instead. At least whoever has access to my email will have access to my blog entries and comments. =)

Speaking of which, Alice and myself were toying with the idea of setting up a mini trust fund using money that I earn from adverts (after defraying cost of hosting and domain name renewals). Anyone who wishes to maintain the blog of someone who passed away may apply for it such that we will pay for the domain name (if any) and hosting. We are not sure yet, but the plan is in the making.

Of course, what do I do with the earnings now? Actually I have not withdrawn anything yet. I am just hopping that Ming and Josh and Paddy do not suddenly disappear one day or decide to suspend their business indefinitely. I’m trusting my earnings in their care and I hope that I’d be able to withdraw it should I ever need to.

Meanwhile, I am still drafting out my blog will. For all I know, there might just be an explosion next door now…


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