After the party, some of us adjourned to Wala-wala, which was just behind Essential Brews. My intention was to have a glass of Erdinger, but you know? Man proposes, God disposes.

It was by any means a good gathering – nice people, nice atmosphere and everything else good. Of course, one of the first thing that we decide on when we get to Wala-wala is whether we want to be entertained by a band (and end up in us not being able to talk to each other), or just chill out.

So, we decided to check it out upstairs and woot! We found the cellar!

Woohoo! Loot!

arzhou checking out the loot! Haha… if anything’s missing yesterday night, it’s him. Soon after, all of us got chased down because some of us were… ahem, underage. Oh well… no live band for us, but that means more crap to talk about =P

That’s Sylvia at the right and then Patrick next to her (thanks, er… Patrick =P) and arzhou… I can’t seem to figure out who the other guy is… sorry!

And here’s felix with his extensions! Funny why I didn’t seem to observe it when we were at Essential Brews! so cool right!

Here’s miccheng in the dark! It’s a surprise the camera could still capture him so well!

And here are the people that got us chased out convinced us that some music and more talk is healthy for the soul! Haha… In the end, they got 3 glasses of orange juice. I think someone asked them if they have curfew and if their mummy knows that they are out here. I’m not sure if that’s a mean thing to say, because I vividly hated it when people used to ask me that. Hey, come’on, I was 15 back then and all ready for adulthood!

Here’s the Wala menu. Things here aren’t exactly the cheapest around in town, but hey, this is Wala, and I’m sure people don’t mean to say Walau when they see the prices on the menu. =P Want to guess what I ordered?

Tada! For the uninitiated, it’s Shirley Temple. For some strange reason, even if it’s mocktail, I still get sleepy after drinking it – must be something in it that I am allergic to.

And here are the minors! Okie… except for the last 2. Heh heh… er… miccheng, I think you were supposed to smile. Didn’t you realise that you are the odd one out? Tsk tsk… =P

Cheers to the next table! Woohoo! Everyone enjoys a good round of Asaki japanese beer! Wait… what is it that arzhou is holding?

And here’s Rinaz! Sweet as ever! Haha… smile one for the camera!

Rinaz meets Felix! I’m not sure if they met before previously though! Haha…

Yes, U-zyn giving his personal best again! Hehe… always ready for the camera! 😉

And a jolly good time with Chillycraps and Jzin! Hehe… I met Jzin once during the MCC meet up but I couldn’t recognise him again. Then he told me that he had Lasik – it’s the one where the use the lightsabre laser to cut the flap on your cornea before correcting your cornea. Sounds scary to me, but hey, it’s life-changing! No more getting up early in the morning wondering who turned off the lights, and no more dew/mist on your glasses when you get down from the bus!

Everyone had a jolly good time in the end. I had to leave early because I need to blog be in the lab in the morning. It was drizzling when I got there and it was still drizzling after I got home. Sigh. I thought the Met station said that there’s going to be no more rain! No wonder people akin a woman’s mood to that of the whether – ever changing without notice.

And oh, thanks to Jzin for sending me back. Really appreciated – else I’d still be a wet chicken walking my way home.

When’s the next gathering? =)

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