The party was a great success in that… I enjoyed myself tremendously and I thought it was very well done. Thanks Daphne for organizing it! =)

There are many pictures taken and for the first time, I really can’t afford the energy to rename all of them! Haha… but here you have it, the almost complete collection of what I have taken with my camera; although I believe that Claudia has much, much more. Man… I should get myself a D40 soon!

Click on any image to get a larger picture. If you want it any larger, you’d have to email me. Haha…

Before dinner came (they really took quite a while to serve the food, then again, it’s served in batches according to what you have ordered, I think). So in my idle time, the best thing to do is to snap photos!

miccheng: who’s that taking photos behind me???

Then U-zyn presented the T-shirt and everyone wanted him to change into it. What better way than to strip him there and then?!

miccheng, chillycraps, arzhou and innocent photographer, adam: strip him! strip him!

Then, all of a sudden, Felix decided to come up with some scandal saying that I leaped out of my seat when U-zyn was stripped half-way. Duh! Felix! How can you conjure such a story?!

felix: oops!

Haha… soon after, dinner came. Hmm… it looks really good! From every single perspective!

Yes, and it does taste good too! haha… the cripsy-something-chicken-something-lemon-grass is really good. For once, I managed to finish everything. Oh well, I didn’t eat anything from noon just to keep my stomach for this! Haha…

And here’s U-zyn showing that he’s still pretty much in 1 piece. Hey, wasn’t he supposed to be stripped?!

I think Sheylara‘s gonna kill me… the flash makes everyone look pale….

And that’s Christina… with… Defector! Yes… nearly forgot his name! =P

Felix: *evil grin*

And here’s Felix looking all innocent again! Heh heh… don’t even think about writing any scandals! Haha…

Peering at what my neighbour’s got for his dinner. Wow! Looks like chicken. Then again, is it beef? Hmm… then again, looks like grilled chicken. It’s funny how I can’t tell what is what after it’s been grilled…

U-zyn (to Sheylara): Oh, what’s that you are holding in your hands?

And oh, Sheylara was live blogging with her Nintendo DS Lite! Wow! How cool is that? Haha… it’s a little tough though, because the DS Lite is really small and she has to use a stylus to type; but it’s really amazing!

This is the DS Lite that she was using… nice! =)

Here, miccheng is showing off his stuff to Veron and Jairus…

It’s his O’timeline! Which was supposed to be in alpha state. Hehe… nice laptop. =P

Jairus: *grin grin*

And here’s Jairus posing with miccheng. Jairus just joined Comiqs as a director *wow!* and will be activing investing his time into developing Comiqs.

This is dessert! Doesn’t look too appetizing, does it. Maybe it’s just a colour thing – somehow, green doesn’t seem to go well with dessert. Apparently there’s lots of milk content in the ice-cream cos’ I can’t take milk and I felt nauseous after eating it. Still nauseous now…

Another perspective does make it seem better, doesn’t it? Except for the green stuff, that is. Is it green tea? Wasabi? Pastel?

And it’s time for the lucky draw! Mine is the 2 of hearts, which unfortunately didn’t win anything! =(

On the contrary, Sheylara who was busy blogging away won a 2 year membership with Essential Brews! Wow! Okie… I’m not sure what that entitles her to… maybe I should just stick more to her from now on… Ya… then the Goonfather will kill me. =P

michael: are you sure you smile detector function is working???

Here’s Michael from Comiqs too! He was demonstrating some functionality from his website when I interrupted him to take a picture to show my stuffs! Haha…. Then, we decide to see if miccheng is the show stopper for the smile detector.

miccheng: dodge! dodge! …. okie la, grin for you la…

miccheng: quick leh! my muscle cram already!!!

Michael: are you done yet? I can’t smile anymore!!! jaw aching le…

miccheng: aiyah! too tired liao… let’s look at stars instead…

Micahel: sian already… >_<

Then it was mingling time. More camwhoring phototaking for remembrance sake. =)

Everyone smile for the camera!

Miss Cel: I’m going to chop you up and dump your body in some rubbish bin and no one will ever find you again!

Princess Sab: You think it’s so easy huh? *smirk smile* Before you do anything, you’d be gone so fast you won’t even know what happened!

Soon later, it was time to leave. It was then that I realised that there were ZO cards on the wall! Haha… so many of them! However, I didn’t bring my haversack along today, so I can’t carry the whole thing home bring home a few cards.

It was a nice gathering… but the night is still young and the fun had just begun! Woohoo! Hehe… everyone’s putting on their shoes and moving out to our next destination!

One last look before moving off… hehe… think it’d be quite a while more before I’d come back here. The food’s ok, but it’d be quite boring to come here alone! Haha…

Goodbye Essential Brews! See you again soon!                    

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