Just realised that there’s more to what I wrote in my previous post! Sigh.


When I first saw this chart, I thought it looked kinda weird that the revised fees are going by 20 cents instead of 10 cents. I thought it was a ploy to downplay the actual per 10 cents mileage. Then I realised. The meter is no longer going by increments of 10 cents; it is going by increments of 20 cents! This means that you potentially pay for up to 385m worth of mileage without using it (i.e. when the taxi stops and the meter jumps another 20 cents, it’s distance untravelled).

That aside, I realised something else. Peak hour surcharge is no longer a flat rate of $2.00. It is now 35% of metered fare, which is somewhat like midnight charge in the day! And this was not even reported in the news in words! The papers just happily used this diagram for everyone else to figure out!

And oh well, they did away with the staggered late-night surcharge and resumed the 50% of metered fare from 12:00 midnight till 5:59am in the morning. I think the above chart makes a good print out to put in your wallet, so just click on it and there’ll be a pop-out that you can easily print out.

I wonder when the companies will start increasing the rental for the taxi drivers. I heard they reported another 2 figure increase in profits this year. Let’s all help them to push it to 3 figures. After all, when the taxi companies do well, they improve the economy and hence all Singaporeans benefit. Really.

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  1. GeekyCoder | December 11th, 2007 at 1:14 pm

    well, if this work, I quite sure gov will happily implement it in public transport too. Just surcharge the public transport fare at certain time to curb overcrowding in public transport so those who want to go back early pay more and more til the problem is solved.

    If I could think out of this possibility for free, I wonder why we even need expensive million-dollars minister to even think up such a money-generating plan especially it kills two birds with one stone:
    1) Make immense profit for transport company
    2) Curb overcrowding problem in public transport.

    Look like the surcharge culture is become pervasive now lead by our so-called world-class government with their world-class plan.

  2. moby | December 11th, 2007 at 2:09 pm

    Bus, train, now taxi operators …. they’re all screwing us, the puny little commuter.

    Maybe it’s time to do the Mr Brown thing and get ourselves bicycles.

    Unless, of course, the gahmen decides to slap a surcharge on bicycle prices or something.

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  4. zeezzen | December 12th, 2007 at 12:20 pm

    I think all Singaporeans should unite together and NOT take anymore taxis. I believe if no one take taxi, the company will revamp their prices. But the thing is how many Singaporeans will STOP taking taxi? If we can do it, it will be good. We need to unite together at times to PROTEST against things that have gone too far. I believe that there is a need to increase taxi fares because of the petrol prices. BUT I think this time round the increase is FAR TOO MUCH ! It is a very ridiculous increase and I really think that it is too much for people to accept. What’s more? They are urging all companies to increase as well!

  5. xtrocious | December 12th, 2007 at 4:51 pm

    Hi zeezzen, if we boycott the taxis, then it is the poor cabbies who suffer…

    The cab operators already took their cut from the sky high daily rentals…

    In fact, if you ask the cabbies, many will say they rather not have higher fees but lower rentals…

    But is that going to happen?

    Anyway, this situation reminds me of the time when cinema operators RAISED prices to make up for falling patronage…

    So smart right?

    Oh Moby, don’t go there else a road tax will be mandatory on bikes as well…

  6. Not_here | December 14th, 2007 at 6:09 pm

    people, boycotting the taxi would not work as we will realise that Singaporeans very forgetful bunch of people and will soon forget about this event. let’s not worry so much as the cost of living and quality of living for the next 3years will determine how Singapoeans are going to make their life different by voting otherwise. 😉

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