Actually hor, it’s quite stress leh. This is because all the national treasures that you can think of hor, is already taken up by people. So sickening…

Lee Kuan Yew, chicken rice, Merlion, Kallang Stadium, Singaporeans, foreign talent… anything you can think of, is already taken. So I am going to make a brave move here. Since there is no official national treasure, may I propose this.

Our national treasure is also our national bird. It’s none other than the crane! You see it everywhere in Singapore – in the city, in the suburbs and also in other countries like Mumbai da, India. So our national bird has not just establish its presence here, but it’s made it’s presence everywhere.


Our National Treasure! Even I have to look up to it! Without it, we won’t have high rise buildings, we won’t have nice office and labs and will all just be sitting on the ground. It is indeed our national treasure!

Of course, other countries have their own national treasures too! If you can’t afford to see all the national treasures, then perhaps you might find this National Treasure site good!


Ed: I think there may be another national treasure – it’s got something to do with having more babies =P

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