Speed dating: should I go?

Personal December 13th, 2007

Got this email in my inbox for a speed dating session organized by the MCYS. It’s supposed to be later this month and I am thinking that it might be a good experience. They didn’t mention anything about paying, so I am wondering if the dinner that is provided is going to be for free! Haha… I am such a cheapskate! =P

A sumptuous dinner leh!

Still wondering what speed dating is all about, I asked someone about it. Apparently, it’s like a round robin thing – where either the guy or lady gets to seat while the other part moves in a round robin fashion. The couple is then given about 5 to 10 minutes to mingle and talk and ask questions to find out about each other before the next round starts.

About 1 hour and 30 minutes is set aside for this interaction, which means that a person will get to potential know about 6 to 9 people. When I was glancing through the program highlights, I was giggling to myself because I can imagine how some of the activities is going to bring out the uglier side of us! =P

  • Be the first 20 to arrive and receive attractive early bird prizes!
    • Heh heh… I wonder how many will rush to be the first 20 – displaying the Singaporean kiasu syndrome
  • Do come early and relax with a game of pool or table soccer
    • Haha… I hope the ladies playing this can maintain their grace… or are they supposed to be all natural? 😉

Actually I am not laughing at them, or anyone in particular. I’m more… thinking of how unglam I’d be when I am going to be rushing to be the first 20, or when I raise 1 leg high when playing the pool… or shouting really loud when playing table soccer!

Haha… okie. I think I better not go. =P At least I get to keep the unglam parts all to myself. Haha…

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