The time has come…

Singapore December 16th, 2007

… for taxi fares to go up at the strike of 12 midnight. No longer will you get the staggered midnight surcharge – and you will resume paying 50% surcharge; and from tomorrow onwards, you would be paying 35% surcharge for your morning peak hour ride; amidst many other things.

Are you aptly prepared for it yet? Do you have enough cash in your wallet to pay for the hike tomorrow? Are you armed with your ammunition to shoot the taxi driver down tomorrow morning? Do you have what it takes to overcome the threats of the taxi driver to call in the cops should you refuse to pay?

Well, I hope you do – because after all, taxi fares are much cheaper in Singapore – and it is a fair apple-to-apple comparison because after all, we are supposed to be on par with other countries for the cost of ownership of cars, flats and private property, amongst others.

Oh wait, you mean it’s not ah?

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