Oh yeah… you stare back at him straight in the eye! Then again, what’s the point? The dirty old man will just get more excited at this stare sparring. He might get really turned on and then accuse you of making him excited! Ya… it’s like… "what the… " right?

Well, Alice got this experience just an hour ago while taking the bus. She was on this face-to-face seat at the front of the bus when an old man boarded the bus. Seated opposite Alice, he signaled for Alice to sit next to him.

"Come, come, don’t be shy", the old man seemed to say.

"You must be crazy", thought Alice.

"Come, come, accompany uncle. Uncle give you sweets", the old man seemed to continue.

"Siao!", thought Alice again.

"Lai, lai, wo yao he ni zuo ai", screamed the old man silently. (translated: "来,来,我要和你做爱", or in English, "come, come I want to make love with you")

Then, without hint of anything, he helped himself to the seat next to Alice.

You know what? You shouldn’t really try anything funny with a blogger. More here. =)

Ed: You may have to load a few times… Alice seems to be editing her post

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