Well, the AVA had gone down to their factory to do a last inspection before business can resume at all the outlets in Singapore. Forced to close due to multiple incidences of food poisoning which was later found to be caused by Salmonella – a bacteria which can be easily transmitted by contact in food.

I had probably only gotten cakes from Prima Deli no more than 5 times, but I think I’d be off Prima Deli for a long, long time. This is partly because of the other available variety that I can get from my neighbourhood – Angie the Choice, Bengawan Solo and Secret Recipe, just to name a few. Moreover, since there’s already an incident, I’d somehow lose some confidence over their products – not in fear of another infection, but rather, in fear of being poisoned by industrial-grade detergent.

Am I exaggerating? Hey, I wished I was, but I nearly got poisoned from my own washing! Haha… thank goodness I am not working at Prima Deli… =P

THE Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) re-inspected PrimaDeli’s factory on Monday morning following the cleaning and disinfection of its Keppel Road manufacturing centre recently.

AVA inspected the cake, pastry and bun sections and took microbiological swabs from food-contact surfaces such as table tops, utensils, racks and trays to assess the sanitary condition of the factory.

Swab samples from the surface handles of the toilet doors and doors of the preparation rooms were also taken as part of the surveillance.

The entire process took two hours.

‘The swabs will be tested for microbiological hygiene indicators and absence of salmonella to ensure that the factory has been effectively cleaned and sanitised,’ Assistant Director Corporate Communications Goh Shih Yong said.

The AVA had earlier said a total of about 75 swab samples will be taken. The swab samples will be sent to the AVA’s Veterinary Public Health Centre for microbiological tests.

The factory and its 39 retail outlets has been closed hit since it was hit by a food poisoning scandal early in December. It will remain closed until it gets the green light from the authorities to begin baking again.

Article obtained from straitstimes.com on 17 December 2007

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  1. gnayenelrahc | December 17th, 2007 at 10:10 pm

    Personally, I will not buy from Prima Deli again and I think many people think likewise too. However, Singaporeans are forgetful. So, probably many months later people might just forget about the incident and continue to buy their stuffs.

  2. Jzin | December 18th, 2007 at 12:25 am

    I will still buy. yes, they have lost confidence with the public. But just think, they will be more stringent and quality wld have to go up.

    But I dun buy Prima Deli anyways so dun make much difference to me LOL

  3. Myprivy | January 10th, 2008 at 11:23 am

    Of course I will still continue to support PrimaDeli. Just look at how transparent and committed they have been in salvaging the damage. Honestly, after this cleaned up, I can bet that PrimaDeli will be the cleanest bakery chains in Singapore

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