As above. Yes, it’s been quite quiet recently – except for the taxi fare hike brouhaha which will probably die down soon because Singaporeans will just learn to live with it. After all, we have no say, isn’t it? Even if the hike doesn’t prove to help in the congestion, it will "help the drives cope with the rising cost of driving a taxi" and will probably remain as it is.

Actually, Singaporeans will just make some noise initially – pretty much like the noises that we get in mass spectrometry, or the noises that we hear in recordings… or noises that we see in pictures taken at night with high ISO… you get what I mean; and at the end of the day… all these noises are ignored because we have to look at the bigger picture (quote MM Lee with all due respect).

Short of Dr Chee and other left-winged think tanks, most Singaporeans will never hold demonstrations or do other attention seeking actions because they either (i) feel that their opinions will not be heard, or that (ii) they fear risk of stigmatism or (iii) they believe that the government has the best interest for them and it’s either (iii.a) pointless to try to do anything or that (iii.b) it can be solved admirably. Quite a mouthful if you ask me, but I think the majority may agree that it’s just plain apathy. After all, most people feel that no one bothers if they live or die and that a death in a million is just a statistic – so what more a socio-political voice?

Anyway, with respect to rising cab fares and ERP rates, Singaporeans should be glad that, compared to Indonesia, we are much better off. At least it doesn’t take us 3 hours to complete a journey that usually take 30 minutes. In fact, speaking of these road woes, I just had a conversation with someone else regarding the mistakes of some political figure in Singapore and how he/she carried this mistake with him/her in which ever ministry/statutory board he/she went to. It was hilarious, at best, recounting all the misfortunate that happened with him/her around.

Apparently, he/she was the most hated publicly-disliked political figure. then again, this blog is not the right place to talk about such things; at least not by me. =)

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