Get your sexy back?!

Singapore December 20th, 2007

I didn’t know what it was all about. After all, it didn’t seem to make much grammatical sense. Then… I got it. It meant to say, get back your sexy – where "sexy" is like a noun – like… get your money back.

So what this is all about, is actually a campaign put up by NTU students to discourage binge drink – the continual downing of alcohol until you are down and out. Can’t picture it? Think of someone broken-hearted drinking his heart out – I think you get the idea. =)

So what happened was that they (someone) actually got people to go down to Zouk to come together to promote responsible drinking. What’s really funny is that, everybody went "here’s to get your sexy back" and downed their drinks, followed by another "here’s one more to get your sexy back" and continued downing their drinks until they are piss-drunk or they ran out of alcohol.

Hmm… quite hilarious if you ask me.

THE image of passing out in a puddle of one’s own vomit while drunk is ‘uncool’ and ‘unsexy’ to most young people and a new anti-binge-drinking website taps into such fears to spread its message. aims to persuade partygoers aged 18 to 25 to drink in moderation. It is the brainchild of four mass communication students from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and is supported by Asia Pacific Breweries.

NTU student and campaign organiser Danny Tan acknowledged that young people will want to look cool and sexy, so their message had to hit that spot.

‘The four of us agreed that binge drinking is not sexy and that the opposite must be true, that moderation is the new sexy. I mean, how sexy can you be when you’re sprawled on the ground drunk?’ he said.

Binge drinking usually refers to downing more than five drinks in one sitting for men and more than four for women.

The campaign has also recruited 40 youth ambassadors aged 18 to 26.

Since earlier this month, the ambassadors have been hitting the streets to sell their message. They are also using social networking website Facebook and instant messaging programme MSN to create awareness among young netizens.

Nightclubs such as Zouk, St James Power Station, Ministry of Sound and Timbre are also doing their part by putting up posters and distributing anti-binge coasters.

The campaign follows the Traffic Police’s recent efforts to stop drink driving among the young through a similar website,, launched two weeks ago.

Article obtained from on 20th December 2007

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