Yes, courtesy of Nic, I got invited to the game yesterday at the indoor stadium. I would have done live blogging if I could, but I think that’s remotely impossible… because I am too busy being engrossed in the game! You know what? I think I am going to play basketball on a regular basis. That will be for another post =P

For once, I was early. In fact, very early, because I didn’t want to sit behind and was kiasu and decided that I don’t want to miss out all the fun – not like the last 2 times when I was late for almost 15-30 minutes of the game. Actually, another reason was that I was coming down from the north and didn’t know how long it would take me to reach the stadium. I definitely don’t want to be 3/4 into the game before it ends =(

So, when I was there, everyone was practicing and some were doing slam dunk. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to capture that on my camera, else it’d have been the photo of the year! Well, at least the photo of my year! Haha…


Here’s the Slingers doing their warm up… everyone gets to exhibit his skills here!


Look that that slam-dunk action! Way to go Slingers!!!

And oh, some of the pingsters made their way here, and arriving first was Daphne!

DSC_0011 (*)

Daphne: Hehe… take nice photo of me, ok?

DSC_0013 (*)

Arzhou: Ah! So now you have that big-assed professional camera, ya?


Then there was food. Actually, there were more food than what you see here. It’s 2 bags of chips, which was a hot favourite, followed by lots and lots of good food – like crepes, and sandwiches and muffins and cookies and brownies!!! Woohoo! Yum yum! Before I could take any photo of it, it was all gone! =(


Well… at least I got some chips! =P


Hehe… nice name card. Can you see the URL there? Maybe we could check them out the next time round.


And how can we miss out the cheerleaders! All pepped up and ready!


And Santa was in town! Woohoo! I’d been a nice girl, do I get a pressie? Pretty please?


And the Merlion! Heh heh… you’re the man!


Alrighty, and the game is about to begin as everyone starts rolling out. Hi-5 for all! Way to go!


Santa: I’m feeling a little hungry from all the walking. Going to get some food from the back.

DSC_0052  (*)

Daphne smiling one for the camera and arzhou: Yeah yeah… take some one pictures. =P


And oh, these are the kids who were given a treat at the stadium! They were there because of generous contributions by companies and individuals! Isn’t it great that everyone gets to catch a piece of the action?

DSC_0059 (*)

And Precious was here too

DSC_0061 (*)

Followed by Andy – looks smart, doesn’t he?

DSC_0225 (*)

And here’s sweety pie Sheylara and the Goonfather! So cute! Haha…


And now, back to the action. The Slingers taking on some serious action from the Razorback as they blazed across the court!


Cheerleaders: Go Slingers, go Slingers go!


Cheering on for the Slingers!


And this is one of the favourites of the crowd! It’s break time and the cheerleaders get to do a number of two for the audience! w00t!!


Some mid-air action!


More mid-air action! And it’s a score!!!


And sometimes, you can only all wait in anticipation.

Slingers: Go in! Go in!

Razorbacks: Get out! Get out!


Slinger: I’m going to get the ball!

Razorback: No you are not!


Slinger: Oh yeah! Watch this! Hiaaaaaaaaak!


And it’s a score!!!!!! Eat dust, Razorbacks!

Ok… it’s time for me to grab some food. Hadn’t eaten anything since last night’s supper! =P Meanwhile, here’s a preview of what you guys can expect later…


Ballerina cheerleaders!

DSC_0306  (*)


DSC_0227 (*)


DSC_0234 (*)

And more photos!

And we had a situation during the break. What did Vandalin try to do?


Vandalin: Hey boy, I’m telling you, don’t tell anyone…


Be back ok?


And don’t think your backs on me! =P


Vandalin: Must you really go? You are going to leave me hanging here and waiting for more pictures?

Ya… hungry lah

Ed: All photos tagged with (*) may be downloaded by just clicking on it =)

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