During the half time break, the audience had some more entertainment from the cheerleaders, who are trying to bring it on to the crowd.


Then again, knowing Singaporeans… =P


But it’s ok lah… at least they seemed to be enjoying themselves. =P


And rounding up for one more session of cheering…


Go Slingers, go!


While the Slingers are at the back for some serious planning.


Referee kayu: Are you guys ready?


Jason: Hey! Don’t take my photo!

DSC_0241 (*)

And the whole group… well, most of the group. 😉 We have Nic, Precious, Sheylara, Daphne, Arzhou, YK, nadnut, Jasmine, and Aloysius. =P


During the half time, we had a situation. Apparently, some group got the same tickets as we did, and they were asking why we were taking up their seats. While Nic and Precious are doing all the checking, Vandalin tried to bribe his way into getting them to move off…


Vandalin checking if anyone else is noticing


Checking to the right…

Vandalin: Oops! Got discovered…

Hehe… of course it’s all fictitious, although I don’t really know what he was doing. =P

DSC_0308 (*)

Here’s Jason getting serious with his stuffs…


And guess what? Lennie got approached to play the dollar shoot outs! That means he get to shoot from 1/2 court, 3 point and onwards until he gets a score, which is proportionate to how much he wins!

More after this…

Ed: For the previous post as well, all photos tagged with (*) are downloadable by clicking on them… I’m not sure if the watermark is affected, but let me know if it is and I’d remove them

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