If you have not read from Sheylara, HighwayBlogger, Alice In Wonderland, Precious, Andy, Edmund, Arzhou and MissCel, who carried the news… and Nadnut, Sabrina and Jason who didn’t =P … then you are missing out a lot. Really a lot – cos’ you know what? You are missing out a lot; because here, you can get a chance to earn your first million! Damn! Sounds like a trick/joke/whatever right? Ya, I know. I hate it whenever they round it up to a million. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were S$998,794.23? At least it looks more authentic.

So, where was I? Oh yes, the million dollar shot. Now, everyone has a chance to take part in this. All you have to do is to answer the secret question that was given at the match last Wednesday. Do you not know what the question is? Oh dear. Do you want to know what it is?

Actually I also don’t know what the question is… but I know the answer! Haha… what is more important that the answer anyway? Actually there is – the prize of course. The answer actually lies in my previous post, where I mentioned the number of a player. No, it’s NOT the Razorbacks’. It’s the Slingers’. Still don’t know what I am talking about, the answer is here. Can’t get more obvious right?

Now, if it were a million dollar chance, why am I giving it away? Well… because if someone else is going to win it, I’d rather it be a reader from my blog than someone from somewhere else. At least I get a cut from it. Well, at least if you win it, you can treat me to kopi. Ya, it’s that simple.

Do you know what Lennie did with his S$500 prize? Well, He got all us a lot of food! And drinks! Lots and lots!!!

Food galore! And you know how much all these cost? A whooping S$101.15!!! Thanks Lennie!!! 😉


4 boxes of 20 pieces Mc Nuggets, and 5 boxes of 4 pieces Mc Wings followed by lots and lots of french fries!


Food glorious food!


And drinks! There’s enough to ferment and power a car round the whole of Singapore! Ok… I was just exaggerating… =P


Sheylara: Heh heh heh… look at all those food!


Miss Cel: Eh… that’s going to be detrimental to my diet…


Princessa: Haha… I’m going to make sure Miss Cel don’t get to eat any of these…


Emily: Kids will be kids… (?!?!) =P


Alice: Hehe… I wanna eat those food! I’m hungry…


Jasmine: Huh? I thought all these food are for me?


Daphne: Heh… I’ll just take my time. After all, I want to go MOS later…


Precious: *Grin* Posing for the camera!


Mr X: Heh heh… someone’s asking me to go out!


Arzhou: Do you really think so?


Nic: *looks cool* I’m not like you guys… I got Precioussss….


Lennie: Heh heh… Neither do I have to bother… my S$500 will see me through a lot… I think *victory*


TK: Aiyah… why all the fuss?


Goonfather: Ya man… I agree with you…


Sheylara: Do you know what they are talking about?

Precious: I don’t know… never mind them… =P


Princessa: You think you can stand just looking at all these food?

Miss Cel: I’m just going to cover my eyes


Emily: Oh well… just let them squabble

Abraham: Yeah… come, one for the camera


Abraham: Who’s that at the back?


Abraham: It’s you again!


Everyone ignores the camera… =(


Precious: Never mind, I pose with Nic for you =P


Princessa: Haha… gotta! You are supposed to be on diet!

MissCel: Heh heh… no way man!

Haha… It was a nice gathering – you know? Everyone getting together and enjoying themselves. I loved it too… which we had more. Haha… Thanks to Nic for inviting everyone to the Slingers match! Wish we can have some for next year… =)

Come join us the next time round! Just drop me a message if you want to be invited and I’ll see if I can get hold of some tickets!

And don’t forget about the million dollar shoot out!!! =)

Just remember to treat me kopi okie? 😉

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