I know this is a little late, but I thought it’d be nice to note down all the obstacles that I came across while searching for a suitable gift. $20 isn’t particular a big budget to work along with, nor is it small enough to be dismissed as irrelevant. So what I ended up experiencing was really a huge dilemma as to what I should be getting for the dinner gift.

What better place than to search for a gift than to head on down to the nearest Cold Storage? Haha…


First stop, cheese! I gathered that there will be wine… or will there? After all, it’s a Christmas dinner right? What’s a good Christmas dinner without wine? Hehe.. but to make up $20, I have to buy 7 packets of cheese! Woohoo! Gelat sia?!

#1: 7 packets of cheese!



Next stop: prawn crackers! Usually a hot favourite (pun unintended) amongst young people like myself. It’ll hurt the gums of the not so young cos’ the cracker is a little too small and thin. That’s about $10, so that means 2 bottles of that… hmm…

#2: 2 bottles of prawn crackers



Ah! Perfume! But hor, it’s like implying that the other person is smelly! Haha… so, if I were to get the cheaper one, then it’s about $10.90. Either 2 of that or 1 of the more expensive one.

#3: 2 sets of perfume



Toilet paper! Hey, don’t despise it. Remember what you had to do the last time you forgot your toilet paper? Did you have to flush the toilet and then start scooping the water I’m sure it wasn’t a good experience. So, don’t look down on these toilet paper! And they don’t cost cheap too! $20 for 6 rolls! w00t w00t!

#4: 6 rolls of toilet paper



Haha… instant noodles?! Yeah… it’s a practical gift. Just that the gift will disappear after a couple of days or weeks and your gift will be long gone forgotten. This is best given with the toilet paper (cheaper alternatives than the one mentioned above)… =P

#5: 20 cups of instant noodles



A packet of diapers?! Actually I was looking for adult versions, but wasn’t able to find one. But hey, if the recipient has kids, it’d be a good gift, no? Hmm… just like the toilet paper, it gives practical use and will disappear within the months =P

#6: 1 packet of diapers



Cherries?!?!? Ya. You know why cherries? Because it is the first item that was about $20 showing at the entrance of Cold Storage. Haha… well, at least it’d go well with Bailey’s on the rock. Haha…

#7: 1 box of cherries



VapoDrops! This will prove to be exceptionally useful after Christmas celebrations because like me, you’d be down with lots and lots of sore throat from eating too much junk good food. Seriously, your recipient may frown at this at first instance but will be thanking your gratefully after Christmas. (Ed: The authors will not be responsible for any mishaps that happen between you and your recipient, especially if you are a guy and your recipient is your girlfriend)

#8: 12 packets of VapoDrops


So there you go! All my 8 options of getting something for the ping.sg Christmas dinner. Do you know what I got? (May not be in the list too) =P

Merry Christmas!

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