Hmm… I heard about volunteering for the Grand Prix (GP) since a few months ago and mentioned to some of my friends that it’s probably one of the better ways to get to watch the match without paying through your nose for the tickets.

Now that they have made all criteria known online, along with the different appointments, I am beginning to wonder if I am fit to volunteer for the GP. The reason why I am saying so is because the specific requirements for some of the roles are still quite hazy and moreover, I have no idea what profile fits that of a senior official and what fits that of just an official – and what differences do these 2 levels of hierarchy make.

There were also many terms that I, as a layman, do not know. Things such as "sectors", "grid", "paddock" and all – which explains why I am having second thoughts of volunteering. Moreover, the training days are rather vague – and that everyone must attend all of the training sessions or be thrown out half-way. Sigh. Without actual dates, it’s really hard for me to commit (yes, they are asking for full commitment). What if my exams fall right in the middle of it? Or worse, on the same day as the training?

Sigh. No wonder I am so afraid of commitments. Hmm…

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