Yeah, I was almost back to ghost town at the now defunct library@orchard. Everywhere was deserted. No books. No shelves. No floorings. No counters…

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From outside, it was just a glass with white paper pasted over the windows (#1). There was nothing. Once inside, I saw… empty space where the Chinese books used to be (#2). No more checking out machines (#3). No more IT books (#4). No more comics (#5). No more multimedia computers (#6). No more facing against the wall (#7). No more printers (#8). No more cubicles where you could listen to music as you read (#9). No more counters (#10). No more checking out just near the entrance (#11). No more stage (#12). No more Galilee (#13). No more waterfall (#14). No more health books (#15). No more meeting rooms (#16)…


Well… then I met our 2 comedians librarians at the library. Here, Ivan was wondering where Jillian is. Hmm…


Oh! Is Jillian teleporting from the future? Did she see where she was going to go to? But that’s secondary…


… because what is a lunch without food?!


… and log cakes?!


… and desserts?!

Side-track a little. One of my friends was thinking of opening a dessert shop in town to beat the hot weather during spring and summer. She intends to call it Just Desserts! Yes, including the exclamation mark! Haha… how apt to be situated in the midst of busy Shenton Way. Now, directors can ask their employee to go get some desserts…

Director: Look at how you handled the case? How can you not put the interest of your clients before your own? Now they are downstairs demanding to get an explanation and to sue you for your negligence. I am not going to care. I want you to go down and face the music and get your just desserts! And I want Ice Jelly with Aloe Vera…

Lawrence Lee (the employee): …

Ok. Enough of the side-track. Since today’s also going to be the last day of reporting to the branch for the librarians, I figure it might be safe to show some more pictures…


Here’s where the books from he book drop goes to… sliding down a now-non-existent slide… and they go to…


… these shelves! Where the books are sorted out first and if they belonged to the same branch.

DSC_0069 DSC_0070

The manager’s room! But… where’s the window?!


Ah… here it is =S


And this is the counter that’s right in front of the staff room door…


And an overview of the staff room… The manager’s room is to the left.


And soon, it was time to go… guess I won’t be seeing any more of the library@orchard. Still, thanks for the good memories. I look forward to the next library that’s going to open in town. I hope Ivan and Jillian can return together to the new library. 😉


See you in 2012!

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