The last week or so was packed with so many Christmas get-togethers that I was starting to lose track of what happened when. Haha… It started off with’s Christmas celebrations, on 21st December 2007, my KCS meeting on 22nd December 2007 – which wasn’t a celebration, the Wii party cum crab session on 23rd December 2007, an unplanned, unexpected Christmas dinner on the 24th December 2007, kitty hunting on 25th December 2007 and watching some legendary show on the next day – which is today.

The Wii party started at 2pm on Sunday, when Jeff picked up most of our friends from the MRT station. Everyone except Chin and Lynn were here. After a while, we began to wonder if Chin holland’d again – just like the last time when we were supposed to meet at Settlers’ Cafe… but he ended up at the Holland Village branch instead of the Boat Quay branch. Oh well…

So we decided to give him a call and realised that he thought it was the following week?! Hmm… I don’t think Chin’s that blur though. Haha… cos he managed to bring a yummy log cake along the way! Haha… it was nice! A little creamy, but nice! =P

We played tennis on Wii and were showing off all kinds of stunts and aces. Most of them are random – especially those by me, but no one knew the better! Haha.. geesh. I think now the whole world now, but it doesn’t matter. Haha… Chin kept returning a ball that was consistently out of court. Even I wasn’t able to do that – and he was using my Mii – not that it matters anyway.

Alice was supposed to join us, but she missed the entire Wii party! Oh well, but she managed to join us in time for the next item on the agenda – crab session! Yes, we went to Melbourne Mellben Restaurant at Ang Mo Kio and lined up in that crazy queue for a share of our crabs! Since crabs, when cooked are red, it’s sort of a Christmas celebration for us, especially when garnished with leafy mints.

We ordered lots of food – rojak, tofu with lemon sauce, pork ribs, stir fried vegetables, man tou, chilli crab, black pepper crab, and bee hoon crab! Yum yum! A picture tells a thousand words right? So here you go!

DSC_0332 DSC_0342 DSC_0344 DSC_0352 DSC_0337 DSC_0374 DSC_0380 DSC_0417

Doesn’t all these food simply make you hungry? Especially the sambal chilli crab! More photos!


The (almost) full table!


Look at that crab! The claws! And the meat!


This is a moment in history! Jeff having his first taste of crab!

DSC_0390 DSC_0391

Finger licking good!


Jeff: Yeah man! That was good!


Jeff posing with his trophy.


Stephanie and Kelly obviously delighted with the crabs! Yum yum!


Eddy helping himself to more food!


Chin aiming for his next game while Lynn continues enjoying the food 😉


Yuhui: Yeah! I like that!


Stephanie: Oh gosh, I’m so full!


Stephanie and Jeff, both looking very fulfilled from dinner! =P


Alice: Heh… is there more food?


Chin: Sorry, it’s all in my stomach, but you can pose with me though


Chin, Stephanie, Jeff and Yuhui all looking very happy and fulfilled with their meal


Do you know what’s so special about this? The claws are clean without using fingers! Alice scooped everything out using satay stick and chopsticks!


The disaster that was left behind by us for the lady to clean. It was a good meal and a good gathering! Also a good get-together before Kelly leaves for her new job! All the best!

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