Christmas Eve dinner

Personal December 29th, 2007

Yes, this is another long expired post. You must be thinking… what happened? Well… many things happened… and for one, I was sort of taking a rather long leave from a couple of things, just like Claudia when she decided to take a hiatus. So what happens after a break? More entries, of course! Haha…

So, after the library lunch and roaming around a crowded town for the whole afternoon; and making many phone calls and last minute reservations, I managed to get Alice, Miccheng, Tian Hong and Xinhui down for a Christmas get-together. The place that we booked was at Indulge @ the Cathay, which is a really nice place to dine where they serve hotel-rated food at low affordable prices that even students can afford!

After bumming in town for another 4 hours before dinner, we finally met. Xinhui was hungry and crying out loud, while most of us were… hmmm… quite ok. =P Miccheng brought a long a bottle of Vienna wine which was opened without extra charge at the restaurant. We all know how expensive corkage charges can get at some places.

Pictures of food? Sure! But how about some pictures of those who attended?


Xinhui: This is not a peace sign. If I still don’t get my food soon, I’ll going to poke them into your eyes!


Tian Hong posing for a cool look while bearing the hunger in his tummy


Alice can’t stand the sight of it anymore… she’s feeling a little sick


Miccheng showing his… ahem, baby face

And now for the food! Seriously, I have a good mind to put everything into a photo gallery. Uploading pictures to WordPress is quite a chore.


Prawn with Wasabi and Sunflower seeds. This is such a delight to have! The prawns are succulent and fresh and while it’s crispy on the outside, it’s soft and tender on the inside – perfect to go savour the taste bite by bite.


The Cheeky Wings – essentially fried chicken wings, is a must-try! The wings are crispy and well-flavour and the meat is nice and sweet! I heard from the chef that there is a special way of preparing it that gives it its omph!


Salmon with Kung-Po Sauce. It’s East meets West at it’s best! The familiar taste of perfectly sauteed salmon with spicy Kung-Po Sauce goes surprisingly well! If you like the flavour of Kung-Po, and you love the softness of the salmon, then you’d love this dish!


Chrysanthemum-shaped fried dory with sweet and spicy Thai sauce. The dory is nicely sliced at one side of the fish and folded into a Chrysanthemum and deep fried and flavoured with Thai sauce. The fish maintains its absolute moist while the sauce gives it the unmistakable Thai flavour that is ever so popular at Thai eateries. A must try and a top 100 Singapore dish!


Steak at rare. I think Miccheng had it rare because he recalled that even medium-rare was quite tough. Hmm… Think I’d still like mine medium at best.


This is the chicken soup that was on the house. Every time. =)


Aglio Olio spaghetti. It was ordered on the side, and in fact, we left it to the chef to decide on the pasta that would go well with all the dishes. Wise choice!


Rice that came with the dishes. I think it was on the house.

Besides all these ala carte dishes, we had more surprises in stalled for us! The chef had order some dessert for us. On the house too! Oh man, this was turning out to be one of the best Christmas that I ever had!


This is walnut brownie with ice cream and peach soaked in wine! It’s really good! Really yummy-licious! The peach was somewhat sweet to the taste with a well-seasoned texture while the brownie and ice cream was so smooth that it’d glide down your throat!


More surprises! This is coconut juice service with bobo-hitam and coconut milk! It was totally unexpected because no one would have thought of putting that in the coconut husk! Moreover, the coconut meat was still inside! Nice and smooth and blissful to the taste!

DSC01039 DSC00975

This was the Vienna classic wine that Miccheng brought along. Although it was just bought from a supermarket, it is one of the better bodied wine that I have tasted! It leaves a slightly sweet aftertaste that most non-wine drinkers will like. Too bad this is only available in Vienna.

Red wine, anyone?

We left Indulge feeling good and well-fed. I’d recommend this place for a nice change without bursting your wallet. Moreover, this place is nicely tucked away from the hustles of the crowd at the Cathay, so you can enjoy a nice meal with your friends or loved ones in your own privacy. The only other attention that you’d get is that of the friendly staff at the restaurant. 4.8 stars out of 5. This is definitely a must-try. A Simply Jean recommend. 😉

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