Maximize your leave!

Singapore December 30th, 2007

2008 is another good year to maximize your leave. By just having to apply for 8 days of annual leave, you would be able to get 37 days off. This is due to the closeness of public holidays to the weekends – that, by applying for an additional day or 2, you’d be able to get a continual stretch of days off. However, this also meant that April, June, July, September, and November are dry months because there are no holidays in these months. For people who have about 14 days (including most entry levels), you may either save your leave for next year, or take the remaining 6 days of your leave and turning them into 1/2-day leaves such that you can have about 2 half-day leaves each month on a Friday for that long weekend feeling.

New year’s coming in just 2 days time. So exciting!


Click on the image to download the guide in larger size.

Cheers and happy holidays!

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