Yebber’s night out!

Blogosphere December 30th, 2007

Yes, I signed up for the dinner as well, which just added on to the number of dinners I attended this year. If there’s nothing on on New Year’s Eve, then this is probably my last dinner gathering for the year. I totally resisted bring my big-assed camera out, but ended up discovering the small one in my bag. Oh well. Here’s some pictures of the event. I think Claudia has more – either that or her photographer. Haha…

DSC01144 DSC01124 DSC01126 DSC01127 DSC01129 DSC01132 DSC01135 DSC01154 DSC01157 DSC01139 DSC01140 DSC01171

There was a lot of food, but I guess most people liked the hotdogs and pauperdom the best. The next on the list was the prawns. I believe it was buttered prawns and it’s finger licking good. Thank goodness I had been practicing my surgical skills and was able to extract the meat of the prawn with the use of a first knife and scalpel fork and knife.  Next were those bite-sized eclairs and cream puffs that melts in your mouths but not in your hands. At least not yet. Then there was salad-galore which tasted oh-so-good.

What’s a party like without prizes! There were enough to go round for a few times because a lot of people left without collecting any it was so well-planned – and this was given out through games and drawing of the prize number. Yes, I believe that the Jacob’s Creek is part of the prizes too.

You can see from my plate that I was such a glutton, but nay, I didn’t waste anything. I finished everything on the plate even though I was a renown small eater. Oh well, I was helping them finish the food in case it got wasted. See? Even when I was eating, people were still scrolling into the party. Of course, there were games like charades and other number guessing games; but I’d leave it to Claudia to provide the pictures.

I hope everyone had fun! Cheers!

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