I am not sure if it’s a big secret that people from the various departments in the government reads our blog on a regular basis, but sometimes, don’t you get the uncanny feeling that someone is really reading your blog and monitoring your activities? As audacious as it sounds, it may actually be true. Of course, there is no confirmation from anyone in the government on this, neither are there any denial of it. So, what makes me think that the PTC/LTA reads my blog? The answer came in a rather subtle manner.

After the countdown yesterday and after nua’ing for an entire 4 hours or so at the Starbucks cafe at Raffles City, we decided that it’s time for all to go home. So, Tian Hong and Ridzuan were kind enough to accompany me to the nearest reasonable place to wait for a taxi – at the bus stop. Haha… yes, taking taxi was probably the last thing on my mind and if there was a bus option, I’d take it. Unfortunately, no NR (night rider) buses passes by the bus stop that we were at and apparently, taking a taxi was the only choice.

So we waited. And waited. And while we were waiting, I took a few pictures of speeding cars and errant taxi drivers – but that’s irrelevant. What happened was that all the taxis that were apparently available (green LCD on top) were all along North Bridge Road, while I was along Stamford Road. I can’t really figure out why no taxis want to turn into Stamford Road but I figured that they might want to go to Boat Quay for their passengers. After a while, or rather, a long while, we decided that we’d go to the nearest MacDonald’s for breakfast, and suddenly all the taxis appeared.

Well, I guess that since I wanted to go Macs, we might as well go grab something first. So off to Macs we continued. By then, I was so tired, I just fell asleep at Macs. By the time I woke up, it was already 6:20am and it was time to get back. Hitting the roads, it was empty and void of any taxis in sight. For that, I walked back to the bus stop where I got my bus home.

Tian Hong and Ridzuan thinks that the PTC and LTA are watching over me because of my recent comments on the hikes, and cooked up a conspiracy theory on how I won’t be getting any taxis anytime soon; but nay, I don’t really think so. After all, who will be so free to read my blog. Right? =)

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