Not very good news for those who utilize the second link – especially those who stay in Malaysia and travel to work/study in NTU, with tolls going up by as much as 30%. This is probably just the tip of the ice berg of what to expect for 2008. =)

MOTORISTS using the Tuas Second Link will have to pay more in tolls from next month.

The higher rates are ‘pegged to those set by Malaysia’, said the Land Transport Authority.

Users of the Woodlands Causeway will not be affected as much, if at all.

At the Second Link, charges will go up by as much as 30 per cent. Tolls for motorcycles, cars and light commercial vehicles will be 70 cents, $4.60 and $10.50 respectively from Feb 1. They were previously 60 cents, $3.70 and $8.30.

For big lorries, buses and taxis, Second Link charges will be $21, $5.60 and $3.50 respectively – from $16.60, $4.40 and $2.70.

Those who opt to use the slightly more congested Causeway will mostly see no change.

Motorcycles remain exempt from charges, while car and taxi tolls remain unchanged at $1.20 and 60 cents respectively.

Charges for buses, light commercial vehicles and big lorries will be $1, $1.90 and $2.60 respectively from Feb 1. Previous rates were 90 cents, $1.80 and $2.40.

Tolls on the Second Link apply to those leaving and entering Singapore. On the Causeway, they apply only to those leaving.

Article obtained from on 2nd January 2008

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