I stumbled upon a post on Curly Wurly’s blog and thought to myself – that’s quite a smart-looking girl and didn’t realise what it was all about until I read her blog. You see, Megan was Michael. Nothing short of that. And it’s quite amazing what she went through – getting married, having kids and finally realizing that he wasn’t really what he wanted to be.

Megan started a blog of the entire process of transitioning – up to the point of informing her office colleagues of her plans to transition. Then the year end came and she went for some surgeries and return to – behold this – Microsoft, where she was and still is working as a manager. While it is what she did that counts, her following weeks after her return in the new year will determine how well she’d be getting on.

I’m not sure how I’d react if Daniel returns as Danielle or Edmund returns as Eden or Nick returns as Nicole… but I believe that a little plastic surgery goes a long way. No, I don’t discriminate but my brain does need some time to adjust and looking different does help a lot. =) Meanwhile, I wish Megan all the best for the new year.

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