Frankly, witnessing a police escort is not so much of a big deal, except that it triggered a whole load of thoughts and an entire thought process. You see, the police escort seemed to be for someone important – probably for family members of a prominent or important politician. There was the standard traffic police on bike as well as 2 other cars that had this big sign board that said "Police. Please keep clear. Thank you"… Or something to that extent.

That made me think – life as a family member of an important person is really not easy. Imagine – taking a scroll in the park… and escorted by 12 other body guards. Well, nothing wrong, except that if you want some private time with your loved one, it’d either be in the presence of 12 other people or in your house. Then again, this will probably keep the paparazzi away for a while.

Imagine – window shopping in Robinsons’… would it have to be done at night? Or in the day under the watchful eyes of the body guards? And do they confine the entire area off?

Hmm… just a thought =P

Anyway, back to the escort. What happened was that at every traffic stop, the body guards (I presumed so) would open their door and pop their head out looking for anything suspicious and they would only close their doors after the vehicle starts moving. For every stop. Goodness. It was so difficult to take any pictures – and I fear for my own life should I even think of trying. For all I know. They might even take out their revolver and fire at me on the head – thinking that my camera is some weapon disguised as one.

Oh well… imagination gone wild. Haha…

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