Update: I was told that in addition to what I have written below, another thing to consider is that Nuffnang sends its crawlers every 48 hours to ensure that your blog does not violate the regulations. I’m not sure how true this is, but a few people have been telling me so. Thanks Yuhui.

I just got the following email from the Nuffnang mailer about their exclusivity program and wonder if it was worth it:

Dear Nuffnangers,

Today Nuffnang has successfully established itself as the blog advertising market leader in both Malaysia and Singapore. As such we have also faced increasing pressure from many of our loyal exclusive Nuffnangers to enact an exclusive program, rewarding them for their loyalty.

We have always kept it as no secret that we often give priority to our exclusive Nuffnangers in everything from community events to even the serving of ads.

However with the establishment of the Nuffnang Gliteratti, we have now crystallized these benefits as part of our community policy.

Please note that the Nuffnang Gliterati will take effect automatically from the 13th of January 2008.

To view the benefits of being a Nuffnang Glitterati, click here.

Best regards,

Not knowing what it was all about, I decided to take a look at their website:

Why You Should Join The Nuffnang Gliterrati

1) Payment Rates for both Cost Per Unique Visitor and Cost-Per-Click.

The less ads a blogger has on his blog, the higher share of voice and the less each ad will have to compete with other ads for attention. Hence, the higher the CTR and the higher the value of that particular ad space on the blog.

That is why for example you will never see 8 different ads on the same page on a newspaper unless it’s in the Classifieds where each advertiser pays a small amount.

As a result of that, Glitterati Nuffnangers will earn 20-40% more than ordinary Nuffnangers.

2) Payment Terms

In the advertising industry just like in many industries, payment from advertisers come from specific terms like 60 or 90 days. In the past, Nuffnang has used its cash reserves to pay off bloggers for campaigns that we still have not been paid for by our clients. Due to the great increase of bloggers in the Nuffnang community, we are no longer able to provide this service for all our Nuffnangers and unfortunately will have to restrict this service to Nuffnang Gliterrati.

However, all Nuffnangers will still be paid in a timely manner as stipulated in the Program Table.

3) Advertorial Opportunities

Many bloggers know that while banner ad campaigns earn a decent stable income, it is advertorials that pay the most. Each advertorial depending on the advertiser, commitment and traffic can earn a blogger a minimum of SGD 50 to SGD 1,500 not including freebies that may sometimes be included.

In the past, advertorial opportunities were available for all our Nuffnangers. However, due to the high demand for advertorials and the need for us to narrow down which blogger of the thousands will get advertorials, only exclusive bloggers will now be eligible for advertorials.

4) Community Events

Nuffnang is known to organize the biggest community events ever which range from free movie screenings, lunch meet ups and many more. We find that in many of these events, many Nuffnangers would like to bring guests along with them and we at Nuffnang would like to oblige as much as we can.

As such, 70% of the seats for each event will be allocated to Nuffnang Gliterrati AND the guests they may bring.

5) Contests

Contests among Nuffnangers have been something we’ve been having quite a lot with many bloggers winning everything from free meals at Friday’s to mobile phones or even the upcoming contest of a free trip to Gold Coast. With the high demand for these contests, we will give priority to Nuffnang Gliterrati with 70% of the prizes to be allocated to them and the remaining 30% to be allocated to non-Nuffnang Gliterrati.

6) Innit

Innit is a tool developed and hosted by Nuffnang to add the additional service of driving traffic to any Nuffnang blog. This tool will now only be restricted to Nuffnang Gliterrati since it is within our best interest of our community not to indirectly drive any traffic to a future competing network.

The vast majority of the Nuffnang Community is already eligible for the exclusive program so there isn’t much to worry about. All of us at Nuffnang sincerely hope that this new initiative will show how much we do appreciate your loyalty.

After reading the FAQ, some of the questions that ran through my mind included:

  • Is there any guarantee of advertisements? Or do I end up advertising for them for free 90% of the time?
  • How much more are we looking at? I wasn’t sure if there’s a definitely banded-rate… at least not where I could find
  • There are priorities for community events and contests… then again, would I prefer this over payments?

Of course, I am comparing Nuffnang against Advertlets and Blog2U. It’s quite a pity that Advertlets incurred some bad PR recently – and it cost me 1 day’s worth of readership, minus those who read my blog via feeds – thank goodness for RSS! – then again, it was quite a traumatic experience for some of my readers, while others in my blog rolls wondered if I shut down for good; but I guess this sorts of equalizes Nuffnang and Advertlets – the $1.00 admin fee for withdrawing from Nuffnang and the redirection of blogs to some cyber-squatter for Advertlets. Of course, Blog2U also had its fair share of bad publicity, when one of their overworked staff at 1am sent out an email that exposed all the other bloggers’ email addresses.

Back to this exclusivity issue. Advertlets does provide me with a somewhat passive continuous income based on the readership of this blog, whereas Nuffnang provides only spasmodic income. Blog2U also belongs to the spasmodic model, but there’s no worry about future-dated money. So, really there are pros and cons to becoming exclusive to one advertising company – and there are many other factors to consider too.

For me, one of the more serious questions I have is whether advertisements will be more frequent. After all, it’s quite pointless when I have high traffic with zero ads. For those who wants summarized comparison, here you go:


Exclusive Nuffnangers

Non-Exclusive Nuffnangers

Payment Rates (CPM) Set A Bands. Earnings to be 20-50% Higher than current blog income. Set B Bands. Earnings to be 20-50% Lower than Exclusive Nuffnangers
Payment Rates (CPC) Minimum SGD 0.25 per click. Minimum SGD 0.15 per click.
Payment Terms 30 Days from End of Month Requested 60 Days from End of Month Requested
Advertorial Opportunities Eligible Non-Eligible
Community Events 70% of seats allocated for Nuffnangers. Guests allowed. 30% of seats allocated to blogger only.
Contest Winners 70% of prizes to Exclusive 30% of prizes to non-Exclusive.
Use of Innit.com Eligible Not Eligible

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