Seriously, sometimes I think I am not really that geeky after all – because when I first heard it, I was thinking to myself – what is an iPod classic? Haha… Before I go on, I would like to thank Paddy of Blog2u and iShop by Club 21 for the iPod classic and to all my friends and readers for supporting Simply Jean. Confused? Yeah… me too, but here’s the long and short of it. =)

Paddy from Bog2u called me on my cell phone this morning (which I missed) to congratulate me on being the winner for the Referral Contest, which I took part without being aware of it.

Apparently, there was a contest by Blog2u for existing bloggers who are with Blog2u to refer their friends to join the Blog2u network. So me being me, I think I told some of my blogger friends to sign up for it, and of course telling them that they do not need to wait to accumulate for their earnings – which really is a plus point. However, that was it.

Somehow, word got propagated and from what I heard from Paddy, quite a number of bloggers put me as their referrer so that effectively entitles both of us a coupon each; and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

When I returned the call to Paddy, I wasn’t expecting anything and thought that someone had called me by mistake. However, I was shocked beyond words that I actually won something from a contest. If it weren’t Paddy (or any other people that I have heard of) I would have nearly thought that it’d be a time-sharing scam scheme. It was to the extent that Paddy asked if I was usually that soft-spoken! Haha…

However, the next question that crossed my mind was… what is an iPod Classic? I mean… I know what an iPod is, probably the iPod Nano, Touch and Shuffle… but Classic? Isn’t that the name that they give to very old and out-dated products? Like… Mary Poppins is a classic, or Penguin classics and all? Then I did a search for it and realised that I can’t be further from the truth. Apparently the iPod classic is a remake (or sorts) of the classical iPod except that it is now more sleek and comes with an enhanced interface! 80GB! Goodness! The largest MPEG player that I have is only a 30GB! Wow, 80GB! w00t! w00t!


Wow… I have not gotten over the shock yet! Haha… what a great way to start the new year indeed! =) Really… many thanks to Paddy and iShop again, and of course to all my fellow blogger friends and readers who made this possible. =)

Thanks and happy new year! Yippee!

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