I had been on M1 broadband since more than 6 months ago and had been enjoying relatively high throughput for the past duration… until recently when M1 decided to jump onto the bandwagon and offered unlimited download for all their subscribers. This, in my own words, meant all hell breaking loose, and broke loose it did. Instantly, my throughput went down by almost 90% and at times, it was crawling even though it was connected to the 3G network. It crawled so badly that it felt like was slower than a 2400bps modem dial-up.

The next better player would then be Wireless@SG, which I discovered time and again, is equally hopeless. Back in the times when it used to be inaccessible, now, it is not even detectable! Haha… this isn’t about getting from bad to worse, this is about getting from bad to incorrigible. I don’t foresee any cure for Wireless@SG until 2 years later. This is when it is no longer free… or at least when it is no longer necessary to make it free for all to use.

I remembered rather remotely of a technology/protocol known as multi-linking, where, back in the good old days of modem dial-ups, 2 modems may be used in tandem to provide an effectively higher throughput. The result wasn’t anything to shout about but it worked. Feeling rather hopeless about the current state of wireless broadband, I search around the Internet and discovered nothing at all.

Definitely someone would have thought of something like this? Well, yes and no. Apparently, it’s so hard to multi-link 2 wireless connections that it is only available on higher end routers and not as a software package. There were many issues involved, particularly on packet handling and all, which made it unworthy of the time and effort to come up with a software solution.

Just today, I was desperately trying to make some submissions online and guess what? M1 broadband was crawling and Wireless@SG kept jerking and falling asleep. This wasn’t good at all. I had to wait for a duration when Wireless@SG would be stable for at least 5 minutes before I eventually submitted my stuffs. Is there really no way to zhng my wireless broadband?

On the other hand, I sometimes wonder of a conspiracy theory behind the provision of free broadband – and whether it was used to entice everyone into paying for one in the future. Well, 3 years is a long time to offer free Internet access and I’d bet by then that many Singaporeans will become addicts and s**kers for access while on the move. I know of at least a few other people who are already paying for supposedly better wireless broadband access – which, on hindsight, may really be better if left metered and controlled.

Humans are such indecisive creatures. We complain on everything possible. Limited complain, unlimited also complain. Wait till they increase the subscription fee then you know.

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