I simply hate calling UOB call center. It’s been 20 minutes and I am still on the line listening to their tape which… seems a little out of tune by now. Seriously, I thought they would have digitized everything… but it has this zao sia tone to it as it played:

We thank you for your patience. All our officers are attending to customers at the moment. Please hold, we’ll attend to you as soon as possible.

Apparently, it’s either I am a very impatient person, or they have a warped idea of what as soon as possible means. In the end, the call was picked up at the 25th minute with the entire call ending at the 28th minute. I asked the person on the line if it’s always this difficult to get through, but the excuse came as that this was peak hour or prime time. Then again, isn’t it always prime time whenever I call? Even at 4am in the morning?

Anyway, I’m cancelling all their cards. I’m quite sick and tired of going through this every time I need to inquire on something.

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